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It’s only natural that you have been waiting for your Wedding Day the moment you were engaged and want to celebrate big time! We believe this year we are going to see more emphasis placed on sustainability, self love and compassion towards others. Here are some great examples of implementing these trends into your own wedding..without compromising on style! Here are our 4 top trends for 2020 and hopefully beyond!

  • The Sustainable Wedding – with more people aiming to reduce, reuse recycle, you can enjoy that wedding you have dreamed of but being conscious of the environment and Mother Nature at the same time. By selecting more environmentally friendly stationery options and sustainable food and beverage options becoming more accessible, the desire to reduce the environmental impact of weddings has never been more on trend. Select caterers that use local produce as much as possible in their dishes, investigate purchasing a pre loved gown and adding your own touches and alterations to suit your style or send your invitations digitally. Why not even create your own wedding webpage so guests can rsvp directly to the page as well? These are just a few ideas and suggestions to help you achieve a sustainable wedding and minimisethe environmental impact that these celebrations can have.
  • Native Florals – Following on from sustainable weddings we are totally in awe of native florals. With over 24,000 different species of Australian native flowers, surely there is something out there to suit you! The advantages are they are drought tolerant, making them long lasting well past your big day, as well as offering some beautiful rich earthy tones combined with stunning textural elements in their flowers and foliage. How gorgeous is the example below from Blooming Occasions!
  • The Charitable Donation – Wedding gifts are a treat, but becoming few and far between. But if you already have everything you need and your household essentials are taken care of, have you considered charitable donations instead of traditional gift giving?It’s a beautiful way to give back to a cause you and your partner believe in and to help grow your community. The charitable gift places no pressure on a monetary amount that your guests have to give.  If you don’t feel that your guests might be fully comfortable with doing this, give your guests the option by placing a card sent out with your wedding invitations to place in their card with a tick box option to either donate to charity or (for example) contribute to an experience on your honeymoon.An additional alternative to make a difference is replacing the wedding favour or bonbonniere (who needs another candle, coaster or bag of lollies?) with a monetary donation to a charity of your choice. When we have already promoted the trend of a sustainable wedding, this is a fantastic example of helping those who make a difference in the community.
  • Mismatched Maids – Whilst I have seen this trend here and there over the last few years, I think moving forward into the next decade; we will see this occur more often than not. Whatever your overall wedding style or vision may be I think we’ll see this in all kinds of weddings wether you theme is contemporary or vintage. This will involve varieties of colours, textures/materials and styles which will suit all members of the bridal party and allow them to wear the dress again and again as it will suit their shape and personality whilst complementing the overall theme and vision of the wedding. (Just no dyed shoes..#soeighties!). In a time where women are to embrace body image, there is no better way to incorporate this message into your wedding day by allowing your maids to wear something that makes them feel good about themselves, reflects their personality and style whilst embracing your overall theme.

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