Event Planning and Coordination – South Coast NSW

Why engage a professional event coordinator/planner? There are a number of reasons…

You’re feeling overwhelmed, you don’t know where to begin and are going to find the burden of organising that special day where you will be surrounded by your loved ones a little intimidating and stressful. Or your boss has asked you to organise a conference for next month – somewhere where you have never heard of, know nothing of the area and lets face it – your workload is just piling up and you don’t have time for all that research and investigation… To pull this off will require a lot of out of hours work and an absolute miracle! WOW! Where to begin!

This is where an event coordinator can assist, can create that insanely incredible vision that you (or your boss) have envisaged and put it together in real life. We can take care of every element from the big picture such as your event backdrop to the little details such as the provision of blankets on those cooler nights to keep your guests warm if the weather turns a little chilly. We will be your amazing fix it shop – if a dress gets a little tear or the rain starts to set in – we are there to make sure you and your guests are comfortable and having a memorable experience; making the day runs as smooth as possible and fixing those unexpected hiccups. 

Keeping your budget in check can also be important- you want more money for your honeymoon destination or your boss has a champagne taste beer budget approach to entertain your clients. We have experience in negotiating the best pricing for your suppliers- in keeping with your budget yet also keeping your event vision in mind. We know the area all too well and deal with only the best of the best local suppliers to ensure they are selected to align with your event ideas and dreams.

AND FINALLY…You want to be able to enjoy the event just as much as your guests. You don’t need to worry about the delivery of your fresh market blooms, the transport getting you to and from your accommodation to your venue or even ensuring the coffee is hot when the delegates break for morning tea. We handle your time management- ensuring everything is how you expect it to be when you walk in the room, we make sure your delegates are where they need to be at the designated time. We are the timekeepers, we take care of all the hard work, leaving you to take it all in, experience the food and wine and beautiful surroundings this area has to offer.

You may think is the outlay really worth it? Yes it is!! Why don’t you try it out…enquire now

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