Don’t’s your day, your way!

  • Endless Pinterest and Instagram scrolling for inspiration can be fantastic! But also daunting and depressing. Instaworthy wedding scenes or pictures whilst may be definitely something to aim for, may not be practical or achievable in reality. Anyway you look at it, as long as its you’re your day done your way that’s all that matters. I personally look at each wedding like a thumbprint- no one wedding is the same. Don’t doubt your dreams and expectations just make them achievable for what your can handle.

Don’t wait..just book it!

  • Comparing proposals and pricing for suppliers is absolutely essential and all part of the process. But I’d say this to any couple, if you love it, get it. If you like what they do, book it. Because if you overthink or mill over your decisions it can cause anxiousness and self doubt about ticking off this job on your to do list and progressing on to the next or worried about the impact this decision may have on the rest of your wedding plans. Set a clear and concise timeline for when you need to get things done by and stick to it.

It’s ok to have a meltdown..

  • Its okay to get frustrated or upset! It doesn’t mean you are a bridezilla, it’s because you care about your wedding day and want it to be just perfect! Take a moment to walk away, sleep on it. Think about it and come back to it the next day or so if feasible. Don’t let your heated thought and emotions translate into your email either. Have a vent to someone you trust take time out and then tackle the issue when you’ve regathered your will feel a whole lot better for it.

If you need a helping hand..just ask!

  • Feeling like you are the only one doing all the work, researching your vendors, getting all your invitations printed and sent out, researching songs for your dancefloor playlist..the tasks keep piling up and its all being done by you! The fact that you are doing this solo feels like a huge burden – because hey you are meant to becoming one team with your partner right? This can cause a lot of pre wedding anxiety, burnout and exhaustion. Delegate what tasks you are happy to hand over to your partner, create a to do list and colour code with you and your partner and maybe have a weekly catchup to check in to see how each other is going. That may alleviate that overwhelming feeling of doing everything yourself.

Take a’ll feel better for it.

  • Don’t get wrapped up too much in the planning – it will always work out in the end. Sometimes it will feel like a full time job, especially if you’ve taken on a lot of DIY projects. It always does. But do remember you have a life outside wedding planning -and you need to take time out. Whether it be a date night, a spa treatment, a weekend away or just even some gentle long as the W word isn’t mentioned, you’re not checking your emails or phoning your suppliers!

One Last Note…

If the decision to host a big elaborate party is all getting too much, or you if you are feeling totally over burdened with everything that is involved, just elope! There will be less fuss, less stress and less pressure on you and your partner. And yes whilst some family members may be offended, your health and wellbeing is first and foremost important.

By hiring great suppliers (in particular wedding planners!) we can help reduce the stress and anxiety which can be involved, because we have the experience and knowledge to tackle anything and can provide you with helpful advice and suggestions for any element of your check out our planning and coordination services to help ease your anxieties – and let us do it all or just help out in the final weeks in the leadup and on your big day!

But if it is just getting too much, we strongly encourage you to seek advice from your GP or organisations like Beyond Blue. Their details are:

P: 1300 22 4636

W: Anxiety, depression and suicide prevention support – Beyond Blue


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